Telcotrend is a Hungarian IT company founded in 2004

We offer software solutions for enterprises

We have more than 100 employees

Our seasoned experts have proven their skills in several projects by solving complex business challenges

Our young & talented colleagues apply the newest technologies and latest IT trends in their daily work


We develop custom software solutions

We provide both back-end and front-end development services

We are experienced in middleware solutions

Typically, we work in Agile


We provide architecture design and business analysis services

We offer project management and scrum master leadership

SAP consulting and Business Intelligence are our strengths

We re-work applications previously prepared by others



Application operation

Mobile application development



TELEMAX is Telcotrend’s billing system for the telecommunications industry.

TELEMAX’s main functions:

Usage data collection and rating


Built-in product catalogue

Powerful billing engine

Invoice preparation

Account- and collection management

Self-care functions

Report generation

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Telcotrend REACTOR is a real-time order management support system, with integrated shopping cart handling and rule engine functions.

Telcotrend REACTOR, can be used in any sales area by setting up the domain-specific rules and product structures in the system. Telcotrend REACTOR functions are based on pre-determined rulesets, that can be configured according to the client´s needs at any time.

Telcotrend REACTOR's exceptional performance is guaranteed, even in extremely complex business environments.

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Mobile applications, games

A part of Telcotrend’s team is engaged in game and mobile app development. You can find our mobile app games brand "Cellular Bits" in Google Play and App Store.

In addition to mobile games we develop business related mobile applications, that are released by our clients to their users.

Cellular Bits...



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